Red Lion Freehouse Review

Friday 8 September 2017

As part of my bucket list, (which I am still toying with on whether to post) I have always wanted to eat at a Michelin starred restaurant. My friend came to visit me over the bank holiday weekend, and we decided to try the Red Lion Freehouse in East Chisenbury, which has one Michelin star, among many other awards.

We went on a Saturday night and it started to get very busy, so I'd definitely recommend making a reservation. 

Upon arrival, we were swiftly shown to our table and given the menu. The menu changes daily, however, I had been tracking the menu for a few weeks and really hoped that the Chateaubriand for two would be on the menu. To my delight, on the night it was. 


We were served homemade bread and butter whilst we were deciding what we wanted. For starter, I chose the warm Cornish crab tart with dressed salad. It was quite frankly, divine. I don't eat crab very often but it was definitely worth it. The pastry was crispy and flaky, and I'd have it again in a heartbeat!


As mentioned previously, the Chateaubriand was on the menu, and my friend was up sharing it, so we ordered it between us! I usually go for my steak medium- but our waitress recommended we go for medium- rare, so we gave it a go! I really enjoyed it. The steak melted in my mouth, the chips were lusciously crispy and the dressed salad had a mustard dressing which was simply divine. It actually made me like lettuce!

We were so full, so we didn't have any dessert but next time I go, I will definitely try to save space for a dessert.

In terms of prices, of course, it was more expensive than your ordinary meal- however- based on my research the prices were fairly reasonable for Michelin star quality food! I'd also like to note that the service was impeccable and the food came out quickly and the staff were incredibly friendly.

I'd definitely recommend a trip to the Red Lion Freehouse if you get the chance.

Have you eaten at a Michelin star restaurant? What did you make of it?

XOXO Molly


  1. This food looks absolutely gorgeous, I've never been to a michelin star restaurant but my god would I love to looking at this! Not sure I'd love the prices too much though, haha! I think I would've had to squeeze in dessert somehow.
    Alice Xx

    1. Definitely go if you get a chance- the prices were high but at the same time so worth it! I wish I'd squeezed in dessert :( x

  2. This is on my bucket list too! I would love to eat there and see what the difference it. Glad you enjoyed it and shame you couldn't fit dessert in, but at least it means an excuse to go again :) X

    1. I would definitely recommend it- it was so good to cross it off my bucket list and it was an amazing experience.

      Definitely an excuse to go again x

  3. That steak looks amazing! I've been to a few of Raymon Blanc's Michelin star resturaunts and they were so gorgeous!

    1. It was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! Oooh they sound good- I'll have to give them a go! x


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