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I am slightly social media obsessed so you're most likely to get a response using one of the above methods. 


All content is fully written by me (unless stated), and all opinions expressed are my own. Any photography and or imagery included in this blog has been created by me unless otherwise stated. In regards to my imagery and photography, please do not distribute without my prior consent. I am open to collaborations with other bloggers and companies, provided that I believe the content to be relevant and true to my blog's style. In terms of products featured on my blog, I will only recommend a product if I have tried and tested it on myself.

PR Enquires is a PR friendly website and I am more than happy to work with brands, companies and businesses provided that I believe the content that I produce will be relevant to my readers. I enjoy writing reviews and testing out new products. Please request a media kit from me at should you require one.


Any sponsored or promotional posts will be stated at the bottom of the post. Any posts without the statement at the bottom are my own purchases.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback!

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