Barcelona Take Two

Friday 25 May 2018

I’ve recently taken a little trip to Barcelona to visit one of my best friends from uni, Amy.... I went last year and had an absolutely amazing time! (Read my review/ mini guide here). This year was certainly no different! Last year I did a lot of the more typical sights like Las Ramblas, Barceloneta and Barrio Gotica. Although I did visit Sagrada Familia and Park Güell last year, we didn’t prebook, it was sold out and therefore we didn’t get to go into the cathedral and into the monumental core. This year, I was prepared and booked a few weeks ahead!



Park Güell- I love love love Park Guell. We spent a whole afternoon wandering around the beautiful park and just chilled and chatted. It was so good and I did get slightly sunburnt! The monumental core was also well worth the money, I think it was 7 or 8 euro to get in and it was amazing to see the infamous wall!

Sagrada Familia- As I said, last year we went and saw the outside of the Sagrada Familia, but this year we actually went in! IT WAS SO PRETTY. The stained glass windows were stunning with the sunshine refracting through and being able to see the level of detail and intricacies of the building was amazing! I enjoyed seeing Gaudi's tomb and the museum left me well informed!

Arc de Triomf- This is a favourite from last year. I love the Arc de Triomf firstly, because it;s such a chilled area and secondly. as it has palm tree lined gardens leading up to it and is another place where I sat and chilled with a strawberry calippo in the sun!

Weirdly, we also didn’t visit any of the bars or places we went for food last year (despite them being so good!), but we decided to be adventurous and try different places. 

Below are some of the restaurants we tried:

Margherita- we originally were going to go to x but unfortunately it was shut until 7.30pm and being the basic bitch English girls that we are, we were hungry at 6pm! So a cheeky google later, we found Margherita. We ordered a Diavola Pizza and Bolognese Bake (oh so traditionally Spanish of us...) and shared. The pasta was good but the pizza was out of this world. I’m a big fan of the thin crust and I could not get enough of it! So divine!


Bernie’s Grill- another cheeky google find. We fancied burgers on our hungover day and we had already set our mind on finding a cute burger bar and Bernie’s Grill did not disappoint. The portions are HUGE and the price was fairly low. They have an extensive cocktail menu (including alcoholic milkshakes- can I say anymore?!). The mozzarella dippers were out of this world, and the burger was SO good. We definitely over ordered because the portions were so big, so be aware of that but honestly, one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. Would recommend over and over again!


Of course, when in Spain, we drank so much Sangria and ate all of the tapas, and above are just a few of the delights we tried and tested. One of my favourites was definitely the Burratta Salad I had after we walked around Sagrada Familia! We had some good mexican food and went to countless tapas bars (my favourite!).

Below are some of the bars we explored:

Sunset Bar- for some reason I decided I was a member of the Sex and the City gang and drank cosmos all night long (in the words of my friend Amy, what an absolute princess!!). However, let me tell you now, they do a good Cosmo and the bar itself has a good vibe!

Soda Bus- this is one of the quirkier bars I’ve ever seen. The bar is a London bus! Amy’s cocktail was served in a watering can- perfect for the gram! The drinks were good and the bar itself had an English/ Rock theme. Definitely worth a visit!

Garden Bar- another cute and quirky bar that we stumbled upon after our cocktails in Soda Bus. Firstly, this bar is entirely garden themed and the seats were actually swings... like a garden seat! Totally cute. However, what I would say is the staff are kind of rude- we tried to order one massive cocktail between the two of us (because we were having a “sensible” evening- despite ending up in a club at the end of it all!) and initially all was well until 3 members of staff approached our table to tell us we must order a drink each (even though we planned on having a second round...). Quite intimidating and the way we were told was incredibly rude too! Nonetheless, we bought a shot of vodka and poured it into our cocktail and in fairness, it was a good cocktail and we did order a second. Worth a visit for the cuteness factor but be aware of their bizarre drink rules and brash staff!


I’ve had an amazing trip and I’m utterly gutted to be back in England. This trip has totally spiked my wanderlust as I’m already looking for my next destination!

Have you been to Barcelona? What are your favourite places? I’d love to hear!

XOXO Molly

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