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Wednesday 23 January 2019

So, if you follow me on Twitter (if you don't... have you been living under a rock?!) you will know that in a short TWO WEEKS, I am going to Las Vegas with one of my main gals, Liz. As much as I am excited for it, there is A LOT of preparation to get done before I go, especially in the beauty department.

I thought I'd share the sort of prep I do in terms of pre-holiday beauty and the sort of time guide I follow to ensure I am holiday ready!



A Month Before: As a platinum blonde, I need all the help I can get in the hair department. I tend to find my hair is really prone to breakage due to having it peroxided/ constantly straightening it so around a month before I go on holiday I begin taking a supplement for Hair, Nails and Skin. This time round I've opted to test our HairBurst (review pending!).

Two Weeks Before: Two weeks before, I'll get my hair coloured (shout out to the only salon I'd get my hair done, Legally Blondes) . I know it's nice having your hair all freshly dyed right before holiday BUT from my research... the sun can fade your expensive dye-job so it's worth having it done a few weeks before as the colour will have settled and won't fade but still look fresh.

Two Washes Before: Two hair washes before I go, I will use a deep conditioning treatment like my favourite Palmer's Protein Hair Mask (which I reviewed here). I find that they make my hair so smooth but also tend to make my hair slightly greasier, so I won't use it on the wash right before I go.

The Night Before: I will tone my hair the night before I fly so the colour is at it's best and not brassy (I use Bleach London products, see my review here)! As I have red (read: ginger) undertones, I am prone to my colour looking brassy. I'll also do a full blow-dry and straighten so my hair is ready rock when I emerge in sunnier climes.

2. TAN

Three Weeks Before: As a fake tanning novice, I always do a test run about three weeks before I go away to ensure the colour I want is coming out of the bottle and that my application techniques are still up to scratch. It also gives me a week to scrub it off, and begin my real prep for the real tan.

Two Weeks Before: I am one of those people who absolutely detest being all slimy and cold having got out the bath and having to douse myself in moisturiser. It's one of my pet hates. However, the key to a beautiful and most importantly, even, tan is having well nourished and moisturised skin. So, two weeks before I go away, I begin the hideous process of dousing myself in moisturiser morning and night to prepare for my tan.

A Week Before: A week before, and it's time for extreme exfoliation. An even starting skin means an even tan!

Two Days Before: I will tan up two days before, right before bed, and snuggle up in my sleeping bag liner so I don't ruin my sheets. Definitely thinking of trying the Purity St Tropez range which promises no ruined bedsheets! Side note: has anyone tried it?? Is it good?!?! Two days before also gives me time to rectify any mishaps (hello orange hands).


Three Days Before: As I tan two days before I go, I will wax/ shave three days before. I usually decide whether it will be wax or shave dependent on how lazy I've been in the weeks up to departure... LOL.


Two Weeks Before: I use Crest whitening strips (which, yasss I'll be stocking up on when I'm in 'murica) and will use these everyday for two weeks pre-departure to ensure my teeth are gleaming and picture ready.


Three Weeks Before: I am terrible for skincare. Like, literally awful. I rarely cleanse, tone and moisturise, despite having the Clinique 1, 2, 3 system (reviewed here back when I did used to do this every single day). Three weeks before, I try to make a consientious effort to actually cleanse, tone, moisturise and apply an anti-ageing serum. I've hit the ripe old age of 25. ALL OF THE ANTI-AGEING COME AT ME.

One Week Before: I make sure to apply a face-mask a week before so any impurities can come out and be gone before I fly!


One Week Before: As standard, I get my eyebrows waxed and dyed and lashes dyed (hello lazy girl life, no mascara or filling in my eyebrows for a daytime look!), but I'll arrange my standing appointment to be a week before I jet off.


A Few Days Before: As an acrylic nail fanatic, I'll get my nails infilled as close to departure as possible. In terms of pedicure, I tend to get this done at the same time as my infills and I usually opt for shellac to ensure it's long lasting and won't chip off around the pool or when I excessively wear my flip flops.

What is your pre-holiday beauty regime? I'd love to know!

XOXO Molly

P.S. The top image has been sourced from Pixabay, the other images are my own.


  1. Im also 25 and have had this sudden urge to use all things anti aging haah!! The sooner the better i guess. What are your favourite at home hair removal products? Can you recommend any particular products for waxing?

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

    1. Hey Hayley! I've just seen this... I feel like I need to reverse 25 years of not taking care of my skin haha. I love Veet hair removal cream and their waxing strips. I have sensitive skin so I always make sure to grab the 'sensitive' versions x

  2. Love your beauty regime!

    Before a holiday, weekly face masks are a must for me!

    1. Thank you and most definitely Mollie! I've done one this evening.


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