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Saturday 16 March 2019

So, it's definitely been well over a month since I returned from Vegas... It's been a mad few weeks since I landed and this has been my first opportunity to sit down and write...

If you didn't know, I went to Vegas at the the start of February with my friend Liz. We stayed at Hooters Casino and Hotel (which btw, is 300% worth a stay- great value and the rooms are big and spacious!) and stayed for a week. Let me tell you now, the week flew by and I was SO sad to come home, however, it was definitely a jam packed week!

I cannot stress this enough, Vegas is an INCREDIBLE place. It really is the adult Disney Land. It's so vibrant and you can see why people call it the city which never sleeps. We'd wake up and pop down to the casino at 6/7/8am and people would still be sat there gambling from the night before!

The majority of the hotels have a casino within them, even the petrol station had slot machines in! I also loved how each of the hotels along the strip had a different theme.

We did so much it would be impossible to cover EVERYTHING, but below are some things to do and places to eat that I'd recommend!


Things to Do

Grand Canyon- this is simply something you cannot miss. We did a coach tour which was a loooong ass day but it was more than worth it. When we visited, there was snow on the ground and the views were simply stunning. I'd have been gutted to miss this. Along the route, we also visited the Hoover Dam and Route 66 which were great sights to see. My sister loved the film Cars when we were younger, so it was amazing to see Seligman, Arizona which is the town which Radiator Springs was based on.


Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign- Typical tourist destination, but you can't go to Vegas and not see it (as pictured above!).

Stratosphere- Just incredible aerial views of the strip! A must see. You can also throw yourself off the top of it attached to a bungee cord, something which we witnessed someone doing.. not for me!


Gondola- We ended up on a cheeky Gondola ride for two despite booking to have a shared ride (Cheeky tip: go first thing in the morning muahaha!). It was surreal to be punted down a river in a hotel but feeling like you're in Venice and being serenaded in Italian.


Zip-Wire across Downtown Las Vegas- I hate heights. Anyone who knows me, knows I hate heights. However, this was on Liz's bucket list, and so we booked to go. I'm so so so so thankful she made me do it, as the experience was actually so thrilling.


Neon Museum- the bloggers/ Instagrammers playground. The graveyard for all of Las Vegas Neon Signs.


Any Casino- You can't go to Vegas and not gamble. Simple. As you can see, massive baller that I am... cashed out at $15!

Downtown Las Vegas- Incredible party atmosphere in the evening. A must see!


Chippendales- Honestly, you cannot NOT go to the Chippendales. I was lucky enough to be invited up on stage, TWICE. I mean, you have to go. WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE? Hellloooooo fit men! (ps. here's a photo of me slow dancing to Ed Sheeran with a naked Chippendale... you're welcome).

Places to Eat

Heart Attack Grill- the food was incredible but do not over order or you'll get spanked! We saw someone getting spanked and it looked PAINFUL. I opted for the double bypass burger with flatliner fries. No chilli and no extra bacon! There was SO much of it, I'd never have managed anymore. It was really good though!


La Pizza La Pasta at Eataly- This was our last night meal pre-Chippendales. We had had burgers and chips pretty much all holiday or some variation and we fancied a change. I had the Quadratini di Ricotta which is a pasta filled with ricotta and spinach in a lemon butter and walnut pesto sauce and it was GORGEOUS.


Nacho Daddy- one of the BEST meals we had. Also AMAZING margs, we opted for the White Peach Margs and they were INCREDIBLE. The nachos were seriously good too but I'd recommend sharing one portion between two! I had the ground beef nachos and their claims of never a dry chip are DEFINITELY true.

Beauty and Essex Bar- Some incredible cocktails at the Cosmopolitan, rather pricey but they were LETHAL.


I had the most wonderful time with one of my best friends, I'd definitely go again and it was a fabulous holiday!

Have you been to Vegas? Where are your must sees? Where would you like to go? I'd love to know!

XOXO Molly

PS. This post was not sponsored in anyway. However, our room at Hooters was upgraded and were provided hooters swag so therefore there is an element of #gifted, despite us paying for our room by ourselves.

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  1. Love this - makes me so excited for my upcoming trip to Vegas. Not brave enough for the zipwire though! :)


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