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Thursday 1 August 2019

WOW. What a week it has been. A week today, I graduated. I officially hold my MSc in Marketing Management from the University of Southampton. Just as a forewarning, this post is littered with pictures of 18/19/20/21 year old me (enjoy!).

Graduating for a second time has given me a chance to reflect on my academic career as a whole, in particular my undergrad. For those of you who don't know, I did my undergraduate degree in BA Anthropology and Sociology with Gender Studies at the University of Hull.

The road to Hull wasn't exactly straightforward for me. I originally applied to study Anthropology at my firm choice, Brunel and my back-up choice, Southampton (where I coincidentally ended up for my Masters), and I missed my grades. I luckily did the International Baccalaureate and my grades came out a month before A Level results came out. This gave me a slight advantage in finding another university, especially as my year was the last year of £3k fees as competition was FIERCE.

I looked at all my options before settling on Hull. The course looked fab, my cousin had been to Hull before me and loved it, and I was up for moving up north from Herts/ Essex.

Course- I loved my course and moving from straight Anthropology to a combined course was such a good move for me. I loved the variety of the course, and the teaching as far as I'm concerned, is outstanding. I learnt so much in my three years at Hull. Shoutout to my mentor, Susanne Clisby- she helped get me through those three years and also to my course mates (there were only seven of us doing my specific course)!

Place- I genuinely loved Hull as a place. It has a bad rep, and an undeserved bad rep. The people who live there are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet and I never felt unsafe. The university areas- Newland Avenue and Cottingham (although I hear the uni is shutting the Lawns- my first halls of residence! So sad) are lovely. The shopping in the city centre is also pretty sound- I loved St Stephens!


General Atmosphere- If it wasn't for Hull, I'd never have met one of my best friends (shoutout to Amy!) and had such a good university experience. The general atmosphere of the university is fantastic. I'll never forget chanting at the top of EYMS buses before a night out at Asylum. I was also joint social sec of the Trampolining club and I had some incredible experiences with HUTC. Although, I never did seem to get the hang of Trampolining! Socials in Jonny Mac were always a laugh, and I loved the fact I got to use a whistle.

Overall, I had a wonderful experience at Hull and I'd recommend to anyone looking at University to seriously consider Hull. 

Have you been to uni? Have you been to Hull? I'd love to hear about your experiences!

PS. This post was in paid collaboration with The University of Hull. All experiences and thoughts are my own. Top image is from the uni website.

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