Mermaid Salt Vodka Review

Wednesday 2 December 2020

I’ve teamed up with The Isle of Wight Distillery to bring you a full review of their Mermaid Salt Vodka! (spoiler alert : It's INSANE).

On the Isle of Wight, the Mermaid Salt Vodka has already gained a cult following amongst IoW bartenders who are using it within their cocktails due to the nature of the salt within the vodka enhancing other flavours. This vodka is a very smooth vodka, which is enhanced with the use of salt from 'Wight Salt'. Wight Salt harvest the salt from water collected in the powerful flood tide off of the island's southern coast. The water on this side of the island tends to be rougher which means the ocean floor is churned up resulting in huge amount of flavour packed nutrients and a more flavoursome depth and distinct sweetness to the salt.

One thing I would note is the bottle is absolutely GORGEOUS. As with all of the spirits produced in the distillery, the bottle itself is plastic-free and 100% recyclable. The distillery has worked hard to eliminate plastic and bubble wrap, plus plastic sealing tap from its production processes. An environmentally friendly vodka with a hint of sea air - what could be better?

Of all spirits, my favourite is Vodka. I personally think this vodka is wonderful, and strides ahead of competitors within the vodka market. I believe that the salt fully enhances the flavours within your drink. Whether it's with a splash of mixer or in a cocktail, it's in a league of it's own. Please check out my Festive Mermaid Salt Vodka Mule recipe below for a bit of inspo!

I'd definitely recommend it, for the taste! It has a slightly bigger price tag than your average bottle of Smirnoff, coming in a £34.50, however, I do think it's worth it! You can buy your own bottle from the distillery themselves, here.

Have you tried Mermaid Salt Vodka before? I'd love to know your thoughts!

XOXO Molly 

Festive Mermaid Salt Vodka Mule

45ml Mermaid Salt Vodka
50ml High Quality Apple Cider
50ml Ginger Beer (I'd recommend Old Jamaica!)
Squeeze of Lemon Juice
Ice Cubes

Slice of Apple (1 per glass)
Cinnamon Stick (1 per glass)

Mix the ingredients in a tall glass with plenty of ice and garnish. Serve cold and enjoy!

PS. Please note, The Isle of Wight Distillery have sent me this bottle, free of charge. However, all thoughts and views are my own honest opinions.

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