Things 2021 Has Taught Me

Tuesday 28 December 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, I have been reflecting on things that I have learnt this year. There are three lessons that I've learnt which stick out to me... 

1. You can actually enjoy your job

I've had some real experiences with the world of work - from being micromanaged within an inch of my life (including telling me what to do with my free time (i.e. telling me to cancel going to the theatre to stay late at work or telling me I wasn't allowed to socialise with the Sales team) and then not being paid for overtime even when forced to work until 6/7/8pm at night), to being talked to like I was a piece of dog shit attached to my "manager's" shoe in front of the entire office & gaslit, to other unmentionables during the pandemic, it's been a ride. It left me feeling entirely shit about myself.

Last July however, I found a job in which I'm helping others with an actual purpose and loving every single day of my job. I was originally hired on a fixed term contract and I'm now officially permanent! Although technically this change happened last year, I've been actually living it this year & I can't wait to continue my professional journey.

2. It's best to cut people out sometimes

This year I've dealt with some interesting friendship situations and although it's best not to go into full details with this one, there is absolutely zero point in staying friends with someone through obligation. If the friendship isn't two sided and you can't vent about your issues too on a level playing field (no matter how inconsequential those issues may be) or the other person can't handle conflict in a mature fashion by talking about things like adults if issues arise, then what is the point?

I've found that people are always going to talk shit about people but if people talk shit to you about other people behind their backs and then act like they're bezzie mates - it's a huge red flag (read: fake). I stayed true to myself and those people who I couldn't see eye to eye with and also those talking shit,  have been completely removed.

After I removed those people from my life, I genuinely feel free and really value my friendships. I'm going to continue with this entire philosophy and apply it going forward.

3.  Budgeting is the way forward

Since uni, I've kind of just spent money on what I want, paid bills and saved sporadically (an embarrassing 7 years). For 2022, I've decided to set some goals, which include buying a house next year (potentially 2023...) so I started a budget in the latter months of this year - it's totally transformed my views to achieve my goals! I will continue my budgeting for 2022.

What have you learnt this year?

I'd love to know!

XOXO Molly

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