Let the Camping Season Commence! Review of Meadow Tree Farm, Sherfield English

Saturday 3 June 2023


We've been looking after Winnie, my family dog, for the last month so decided to book a camping trip over the end of May bank holiday. We were very limited on choices as we only booked at the start of May, but we wanted somewhere close to home due to the fact this was Winnie's first time camping. Find my full review of the campsite below:


- A relaxing atmosphere. We had a really really relaxing time (bar the cons) at Meadow Tree Farm. We literally chilled in the sun, reading and in the evenings cooked up a feast, had some drinks and played Uno / Card games. Lush time. 

Adults only campsite. Matt and I like a peaceful little campsite and Meadow Tree Farm definitely was peaceful. However, there was a strong weed presence which (I assume) you'd not get if it was a child friendly campsite.

Check out was at 11.30. This gave us plenty of time to get our bits together, pack down and also have a lie in!

- Dog friendly. Dogs are allowed off lead which is good if you're a dog lover like us! For the most part there weren't any unruly dogs (except our Winnie being territorial!!) but we did have a couple of dogs run up and join us.



The facilities. This is a massive con for me. 3 toilets and ONE shower for a campsite which has in excess of 50 pitches is absolutely MENTAL. The management did their best to keep them clean, but with over 100 people staying on the Saturday night, they ended up filthy. Admittedly the pitch up description did state that this was a basic campsite but quite honestly, the facilities were sub far and super SUPER basic. I was so thankful that there was a Waitrose within a 10 minute drive (I'd have settled for a Tesco or Asda but Waitrose was the closest!) and we could use their toilets. They did try with the toilets - hand san and soap, loo roll etc provided but it wasn't great at all. The shower was awful, and a shower curtain is super unhygienic for the number of campers. Not impressed at all! 

Limited pitches for electric hook up (for tents). If you have a tent, you're only allowed to pitch up on one side of the tree line. Unfortunately this meant the only real pitches which were accessible were amongst the trees and on the less grassy (and more preferable) camping areas. It also meant that our tent got covered in tree bark and other detritus.

- You can't park pitch side. We weren't under any pretenses that this was offered as it clearly states on Pitch Up that you can't park next to your pitch. It's just a bit of a bugger if you have a tonne of stuff which you then have to lug through the tree line to the bit where tents could pitch up.

- There were no recycling facilities. This was a little weird to me. Every campsite we've been to have been so stringent with recycling. We separated our rubbish, to find at the end of our stay (there is only one bin location which is by reception, and again, didn't fancy lugging it to and fro everyday) that there was no recycling facility. In this day and age recycling is a must, no?

- Quiet time set at 11.30pm. Despite having a really lush relaxing time, we did have a noisy bunch of people behind us (the rest of the campsite was totally respectful) and it was quite frustrating to have them hyena laughing into the night as they didn't respect the quiet at 11.30pm rule - by this time it's really hard to enforce quiet time as people are fairly drunk by 11.30pm!


We had a really relaxing time but unfortunately the cons outweighed the positives of Meadow Tree Farm. I'm not sure I'd recommend to people planning to stay more than one night but definitely good if you're looking for an inexpensive weekend during the summer months.

Overall, I award Meadow Tree Farm Camping, 2 tents out of 5.

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