City Break: Barcelona

Tuesday 15 August 2017

Having just spent the last three/ four days in Barcelona, I thought it would be fitting to write about my mini holiday. I am lucky to have one of my best friends living in Barcelona so I had the opportunity to go out and visit her, taste the amazing food and see the sites.

The Sights (from left to right)

I am a little bit of a geek and I love sightseeing and being able to see the history and culture of a city. Over the course of three days, we walked over 70,000 steps visiting some of the most beautiful sights in Barcelona.

Barrio Gotica- Translated is the gothic quarter- a lovely short walk from Las Ramblas, which is the main strip of shops and restaurants, and every where you look there is stunning architecture and quaint coffee shops, patisseries and shops.

La Boqueria- This traditional market is another sight which is just off the Las Ramblas strip- full of hustle and bustle and has a great insight to Spanish culture. The fresh juices are amazing.

La Sagrada Familia- We walked to this cathedral designed by the renowned architect Gaudi and before we turned the corner- I didn't see it. We turned the corner and it was absolutely huge (literally no idea how I didn't see it!) and absolutely stunning, definitely worth a visit if you are planning on going to Barcelona and make sure to pre-book as it got sold out very quickly.

Park Guell- To get to the park there was a slight hike up a hill- but once we got to the top the views were breathtaking. Unfortunately, it was sold out to go and see the famed mosaic wall so we had to settle for the seeing the wall from the other side.

Font Magica de Montjuic- This one of my favourite sights in all of Barcelona- it was amazing. So many pretty colours and lights, along with the music- the atmosphere was electric. We were however, in the soak zone- it was slightly windy so we ended up quite damp and it was very busy so I'd suggest getting there with time to spare.

Casa Batllo- This building is another Gaudi masterpiece, situated along a bustling street of shops such as Michael Kors and Gucci. It's definitely worth a look, but going inside is rather pricey (around 30 euro).

Cocktails (from left to right)

As a cocktail enthusiast, I was delighted to find that cocktails are literally found everywhere in Barcelona. I had countless jugs of Sangria and all of them were faultless but some of the speciality cocktail bars we found stood out the most to me.

First One Cocktail Bar- This was a great little find on the first night- this bar is covered in post it notes and is so cute. We grabbed a cocktail- the amaretto sours in here are amazing (and are only 5 euro) and sat down. Each table has a pack of post it notes on and pens so that you can add your own messages. We then had a live guitarist and singer start performing. It was only a small bar but one hundred percent worth a visit.

Sugar- Again, another little small bar just down from First Cocktail Bar- the drinks were relatively cheap and they did a good tequila sunrise. It was quite busy but it had a good atmosphere.

Taberna Milgritos- We ended up in here after we had a quick nap and needed a pick me up- we had the cocktail of the day for 5 euro which was delightfully refreshing and also a shot of tequila- because- when in Spain....

Food (from left to right)

Everyone loves food. Some of the restaurants we went to were absolutely outstanding and the pictures above just show a selection of the food we sampled over 3 days.

101 Mini Burgers- My friend had been to the sandwich equivalent of this restaurant so we decided to give this little burger place a go. The patatas bravas were out of this world and I love the selection of mini burgers we had. You can choose from a selection of beef, pork, chicken and seafood burgers. My favourite was the Italiano burger- so fresh and delicious!

FOC- I did some research before going to Barcelona and came across this little find on Instagram. We had burritos and strawberry sangria and I kid you not this is the best burrito I have ever had. Think pulled beef and guac. CAN YOU GET ANY BETTER!?

Marmalade- Amazing brunch. We had scrambled eggs on toasted baguette and chorizo hash- fresh and so so scrummy. Service was incredibly slow- but it was so worth it.

Cafe & Tapas- This is the most pricey meal we had in our entire visit- they added a 20% surcharge to sit outside (and it was a beautiful day so we sat outside anyway)!! However, I was not going to leave Barcelona without having Gambas al Ajillo... and they did not disappoint. I love Gambas.

Chok- Another Instagram find and my god it did not let me down. I had a mini chocolate cronut (I'm not huge on sweet stuff) but oh my gosh it was so so delicious and located just off Las Ramblas so very convenient.

We also managed to fit in not one, but two visits to one of my favourite shops on earth- SEPHORA! I maaaay have spent a little too much in there, but hey, I was on holiday!

I would definitely recommend a visit to Barcelona, it is full of history and stunning architecture, not to mention the copious amounts of tapas and sangria.

Have you been to Barcelona? Have you found any hidden gems? Let me know...

XOXO Molly


  1. AHHHHH I so want to go to Barcelona! Pics look amazing - did you find 4 days were enough to fully explore Barcelona?! I really wanna go on a solo mini long weekend - how much spending money did you take?1 I have soooo many questions! xo

    1. Barcelona is so lovely! We did the main attractions in 3 days but I think 5 full days would give you more time and to look at more sights! I took €300 but came back with €105. I ate out every meal and went out each night! So not bad at all! Plus I bought souvenirs. More than happy to answer questions- you can dm them to me on Twitter/ Insta or just leave them here! xo

  2. Omg I'd love to visit Barcelona! Your pics are beautiful! Also I totes think we should be friends and go on a cocktail date 😹🍹🍸πŸ₯‚ xx

    1. Barcelona is gorgeous! Definitely visit if you get the chance! Haha, definitely! Cocktails are the best! xx


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