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Monday 7 August 2017

I think it is safe to say, I am a Korean beauty convert, and have been since the age of 9 when I moved there. Since moving back, the beauty scene has changed beyond recognition and it is finally starting to acknowledge the totally amazing Korean drug store buys that are out there. I mean, come on, you know something is a thing when even ASOS has a designated section! So I decided my inaugural post should be something that I absolutely love.

I went to Busan, South Korea earlier this year and hit the beauty shops big time so I thought I'd share some of the haul which I bought back in my very nearly overweight suitcase (we're literally talking 0.01kg)! I'll also be giving some of them a go and giving them a review.

From left to right: Gold Silk from The Face Shop, Lemon Peeling Foot Mask from Nature Republic, Silk Scarf from Etude House, Korean Strawberry Face Mask from Etude House, Coenzyme Q10 Face Mask from Etude House, Play Colour Eyes Palette from Etude House, Greentea Nose Pack from Etude House, Various Brushes from Etude House, Cherry Lip Tint from Etude House, Oh M Eye Lash Mascara from Etude House and Help my Finger pack from Etude House.

The majority is from Etude House which you can order from here.

The Kocostar Foot Peeling Mask (available from ASOS)

I decided trying this product whilst getting my hair done would be a good idea because the product involves sitting around for 90 minutes with booties filled with a special gel. It's also important to know I get my hair done at home and not in the salon... I did not sit in a salon with my feet in bags of goo!

The booties were fairly easy to open, I just snipped off the top and slipped them on my feet. I'm a size 6 and they were the right sort of size. If you have size 8 feet and above, I think you'd struggle to get them to fit. They also did nearly slip off a couple of times because the sticky tab to keep them strapped to your feet wasn't overly sticky- so I took a practical approach and sellotaped them to my feet.

So yes, I was sat there with the majority of a roll tin foil in my hair and bags of goo sellotaped to my feet... the dream look.

When the 90 minutes was up, I rinsed my feet and that was that. Other than my fresh paint job on my toes melting off, there was no noticeable difference except that my feet were smooth.

Over the next few days I expected a foot apocalypse... but nothing came except my feet became very dry. I put it down as a waste of money and thought I'd need to buy a super moisturiser to restore them to their former glory. However, 4 days later on the Sunday I had a bath and the first layer of skin peeled off revealing smooth, soft feet. Perfect for my holiday to Barcelona later this week! I would definitely invest again and I'm mega excited this is available from ASOS but I wouldn't suggest leaving it until the last minute as the peeling does take a couple of days. I would use this again but perhaps only every couple of months.

Bio-essence Snail Repair Mask (available from ASOS)

I then decided to go all out and try out a snail secretion repair mask. This mask in particular is supposed to repair your skin and smooth it out. I suffer from bumpy skin along my cheeks and rosacea, so I find face masks are the way forward.

I opened the packet and found the material mask folded and quite moist. Putting it on my face was easy, although I did find it to have quite a wet consistency. So much so that when I was smoothing it down I had snail secretion going on the floor, my arms and down my neck. It is quite messy so I would suggest wearing a dressing gown or a towel.

The instructions say to keep the mask on for 15-20 minutes, and I did find that it dried out slightly, which for me, was a good thing. I'm one of those people who are rubbish at keeping face masks on for the intended time- but I made it through the full 20 minutes. Once the 20 minutes are up, you have to take it off and then massage the remainder into your skin.

I found there to be quite a lot of residue however my skin looked smoother and my cheeks were less bumpy. Definitely something I'd recommend but I'm not sure I'd do it 2-3 times like the packet suggests, perhaps once a month as I'm not overly keen on the wet face feeling and my face was left feeling sticky.

Through this post, I've realised I have a slight Etude House Obsession. Have you used any Korean beauty products? Are there any you absolutely love? Let me know in the comments below!

XOXO Molly (I 100% feel like Gossip Girl typing that...)


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