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Wednesday 14 February 2018

Many of you may know the amazing Becca from Tea with B, and I happen to be very good friends with her! She writes the most beautifully written posts and her knowledge of tea is ridiculous, so if you don't know her, you should definitely check out her blog and her twitter! I wish I was that knowledgeable about something! However, a few months ago, we decided as she is from the USA and I'm from the UK we would do a swap of all things American and all things British. 

Before I start anything, I should mention, we had an unfortunate incident with Parcelforce which resulted in them dipping my parcel from America in a Ford and leaving it submerged in water for hours resulting in a dripping mess arriving at my house. This is a warning now, if you have to ship anything, AVOID PARCELFORCE LIKE THE PLAGUE. USPS managed to get the parcel across the entire Atlantic Ocean safe and dry, but Parcelforce couldn't manage from Basingstoke to my house (like an hours drive), so good job guys! This wasn't Becca's fault but it did mean that all of the parcel including the yummy American food I was sent, had to be disposed of. I did however go out and get replacements for the make up (what I could!) so I can show what a brilliant well-thought out gift Becca sent! I will never forgive Parcelforce for ruining my pretzel pieces. MORE LIKE PARCELFARCE.

Anyway, moving on from Parcelforce gate as this incident shall forever be known, these are some of the goodies I got sent by Becca!


I was super excited to see some covergirl makeup in the box because I'm obsessed with covergirl, ever since watching ANTM. Think easy, breezy, beautiful, COVER GIRL. Becca also put a Laura Lee x Colourpop Lipstick in there and it's an amazing metallic colour which I'm loving. Metallics are v in at the moment! Also in the box was a gorgeous Sephora lipstick and L'Oreal Lumi Shimmerista highlighter, which I am yet to use but Becca has the most amazing taste and her highlight is ALWAYS on point so I'm sure they'll be fabulous!

I am yet to try the coffee scrub but I cannot wait to- I've heard amazing things about coffee scrubs about how they pep up your skin and I'm definitely in need of some pepping! This notebook is also SO cute. I will be keeping all my future blog ideas in here!


I've not tried too much TooFaced, only their Lip Injections and Born This Way Setting powder so to see a palette in there by them, I was absolutely chuffed to bits. I am loving a purple smokey eye at the moment so this palette is perfect for me!

Becca also popped some face packs in the parcel from my all time favourite place SEPHORA. She also got me one from GlamGlow which I'm super excited to try as I've only heard good things about GlamGlow as a brand and their products. I've also been blessed with an Ulta face pack in Strawberries and Champagne (she knows me so well!) and I've never tried Ulta either so excited to try this face pack. I'm going to have world's smoothest skin at this rate!


Along with the TooFaced Peanut Butter and Jelly palette, Becca also got me a Wet N Wild Palette and highlighter, which I was so excited with! Becca and I love the same kind of make-up shades so she chose perfectly, and these are all colours I'll be able to utilise and work into my everyday make up routine!

The Boss Lady sign sits proudly on my desk at work (despite not being the boss!) because I'm obsessed with it. I love anything rose gold so it's perfect.

Becca also got me the takeaway mug, featured at the top of this post, which is gorgeous and a definite must with my obsession with green tea at the moment!

Please note, this is also only a small portion of the HUGE  parcel Becca got me, there were other make up goodies and American touristy type goodies along with food.

Have you ever done a swap of mystery goodies with another blogger? What USA goodies would you want to try?

XOXO Molly

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