Kiss Lashes: Review

Sunday 18 February 2018

I'm a bit of a false lash fanatic. I honestly, cannot go out out with a pair stuck to my face. I get my eyelashes dyed on the reg, but am always on the hunt for longer lashes and as someone who is allergic to the glue that they use for eyelash extensions, I have to resort to false lashes.

In honour of National Lash Day (tomorrow!), I thought I'd share a little review of Kiss Lashes. I've tried many different kinds of eyelashes, and I used to be exclusively an Eylure kind of girl, but recently they changed their lashes and made them awful and super inflexible, so I've been on the hunt for a new brand.

I got sent Kiss lashes in Boudoir and Midnight, and honestly, they make my eyelashes look longer and fuller which is what I strive for! These can be bought at Superdrug for £7.99 and although they aren't most inexpensive lashes, they achieve the desired effect and are flexible! They definitely finish my out-out look and I'll be purchasing some more. I would recommend these as an alternative to Eylure lashes, if like me, you've been let down by their lashes recently!

What I would say though is that one of these pairs of lashes (Midnight) came without glue so I'd recommend purchasing a good eyelash glue. I'm very reliant on my Benefit lash glue!

Have you tried Kiss Lashes? What are your favourite fake eyelashes? I'd love to know!

XOXO Molly

Please note, the lovely people of Alex Silver PR invited me to test out Kiss Lashes and provided them to me free of charge, but all views and opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I adore kiss lashes and this post is so on point with today being National Lash Day! Only lashes I’ll use!


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