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Wednesday 25 July 2018

I've used all manner of tans, with varying results. Only recently have I got into the weekly routine of exfoliating and tanning on a Sunday night and moisturising throughout the week. I thought I'd share my ride- or- die tan with you and do a small review on it.

I found the tan, Skinny Tan, whilst browsing Facebook and it was suggested to me in one of those weird-ass creepy adverts which are tailored to your google searches (still freaks me out!). The advert itself was a clip of the owners of Skinny Tan presenting it as a project for investment to the Dragons (Dragon's Den) with some girls in bikinis, showing off their tans, shouting the most ridiculously catchy song (Who want's a skinny tan?! I want a skinny tan!).

Firstly, props to whoever thought of that marketing ploy, because I COULD NOT GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD. So, I did my research and off I popped to my local Superdrug and bought myself a bottle of the good stuff and a mitt (v. necessary for all you first time tanners).

Let me say, I LOVE THIS TAN.

Much like the White to Brown tan which I reviewed, it has a great guide colour against my skin which enabled me to ensure I didn't miss any major bits.

I hopped into my sleeping bag liner to avoid the whole tanned sheets debacle (and seeing as my sheets are all white, this would have been a major problem!), slept away and I woke up ready to wash the tan off. After a quick bath sesh, I was left with a beautiful but natural tan. There is a slight smell to this tan, but with the results it gives, I really don't care that it's there.

I would 100% recommend with no doubts. It's also interesting to note that the ingredients within the tan are 90% naturally derived and parabens and sulfates are avoided leaving you using a more natural tan! It also not tested on animals, which is a huge plus.

You can buy it from the Skinny Tan Website or from Superdrug- and it starts at £21.99 for the original tan (which is the one I buy!).

Have you used Skinny Tan before? What's your ride-or-die tan? I'd love to know!

XOXO Molly

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  1. I haven't tried Skinny Tan before but boy is that song catchy! I'm a complete fake tan virgin but I'm really tempted to try this one out.

    Hope you're having a great week!

    Chloe x


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