All Time Favourite Films

Tuesday 28 August 2018

I'd love to say all of my all time classic films grace IMDB's Top 100 Greatest Movies of All Time list, but I'm the hugest RomCom fan, so basically none of them make the list but honestly, I don't care. They're just the best kind of film and they are my favourite feel good films. Whenever I'm feeling down, or if it's cold and rainy and gross (or equally, muggy and rainy as it has been today)I just pop one of these films on and chill out!

1. Notting Hill

Absolute classic and I love anything with Julia Roberts in. Who doesn't also love Hugh Grant?! Hugh Grant's character is so loveable and so relatable it has me in stitches. My favourite quote being 'These carrots?' 'Murdered' hahaha.

2. My Best Friend's Wedding

Another Julia Roberts classic, with Rupert Everett and the absolute DILF who is Dermot Mulrooney. A classic tale of woman being in love with her best friend but not realising until the very last minute.

3. Clueless

Love, love, love Clueless. That is all.

4. Mean Girls

THE ULTIMATE GIRL FILM. Need I say anymore? Bitchiness, the fight for queen bee status and everything being fetch.


5. 10 Things I Hate About You

Heathy, we miss you. This is one of my all time favourite films, with Julia Stiles playing a perfect role as a moody and angry teenager. My favourite quote has got to be: 'Am I that transparent? I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby'.

6. Pitch Perfect

I love Pitch Perfect, and if you don't agree... I'll pitch slap you.

7. How to Be Single

I first watched this when I had literally just come out a year long relationship. I loved every minute of it and it definitely helped me learn and grow as a person, as well as having a proper laugh at my fave Rebel Wilson.

8. Rush

Slightly different to the rest of the films on this list, but who doesn't love a cheeky bit of Chris Hemsworth.

9. How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey- match made in heaven on the silver screen. The twist is in this is so obvious but heartwarming. This film is a fantastic watch.

10. Love Actually

Technically a Christmas film, but I have zero shame in admitting I watch this all year round.

What are your favourite films to chill out to? Do you watch films more than once? I'd love to know!

XOXO Molly

P.S. The burn book GIF was been found on Google.

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