Herbalife Banana Shake Review

Sunday 14 October 2018

The fabulous people at Herbalife and the lovely Lara from Immediate PR, got in touch and offered to send over the new Banana Cream Herbalife shakes, which I jumped at the chance to test out!

Before I get into the product itself... I'd firstly like to point out, whilst writing this review, I was sat watching Christmas films and drinking green tea singing Gwen Stefani's Holdback Girl because I swear (other than autocorrect!) that this is the only way to remember how to spell banana.

Next up, this is THE cutest PR package I have EVER received. Along with the shakes, I was sent a shaker, a cute banana stirrer and... a banana plant!! When Gus (my local DPD driver) turned up with the box... I was taken aback/ shocked!


The packaging of the shakes is in line with the rest of the Herbalife range, the traditional white and green. The nutritional values were outlined clearly which, in my book, can only be a positive.

Now onto the bit that you care about, THE TASTE. I honestly loved it. I tend to find a lot of banana flavoured things taste really synthetic but there was nothing synthetic tasting about these shakes! It has a beautifully subtle banana flavour. The texture of the shake itself (I used almond milk) was thick and creamy which left me feeling full and didn't make me feel like I was missing out whilst using it as a meal replacement.

I even pimped my shakes and created a banoffee shake (which, of course, I forgot to take a photo of!) I drizzled toffee sauce round the glass, popped together my shake in my blender, poured it into the glass and used some Anchor light whipped cream on the top before drizzling some more toffee sauce on the top. AMAZING.

As a die hard Weight Watchers (or should I say WW!) fan, I've always been skeptical of shakes that promote healthiness and weightloss. I tested these shakes for a week, with a weightloss emphasis. I had a shake in the morning with almond milk and a shake for lunch. I had a snack of fruit and then for tea I had a balanced 600 calorie meal. With WW, I tend to lose 2lbs a week. With Herbalife, I lost 2lbs, so the results were on par, which actually shocked me! If I have a super busy week/ don't have time for breakfast, I'll definitely be turning to a Herbalife shake as a stand in. I'd definitely like to try some other flavours so I'll be having a browse of their website, for sure.

In the words of Gwenny, this shit is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s! I'd definitely recommend for those who have a busy lifestyle and need a quick breakfast or those looking to drop a few pounds.

Have you tried Herbalife before? I'd love to know!

Molly XOXO

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  1. Haha I love how you use that absolute jam to remember how to properly spell bananas!! :') This honestly sounds pretty amazing. I personally like to use a banana & almond milk as a base for all of my shakes, so this sounds right up my street. xx



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