Real Eating Company, Salisbury: A Review

Tuesday 23 October 2018

As part of my new routine with my new job, I pop to Salisbury Cathedral with a fruit tea and spend some time contemplating/ mindlessly scrolling (same difference right!? haha) in the grounds at lunchtime. I popped the above photo on Instagram and the Real Eating Company contacted me and offered me the opportunity to review the Real Eating Company, and of course, I jumped at the chance to! Both of my parents are massive Real Eating Company fans, and I'm partial to their fruit teas but rarely have breakfast there so I was excited to give their breakfasts a go!

The Breakfast
I opted for the Half English Breakfast, as pictured above. The bacon was delightfully crispy and the scrambled eggs light and fluffy. However, the thing to write home about and rave about were the SAUSAGES. Herby and meaty cumberland sausages. THEY ARE EVERYTHING. All of the ingredients were high quality and you could definitely tell. I'd definitely have the Half English Breakfast again! In terms of general menu, it's very varied and there is a good veggie breakfast for those who don't eat meat. I also had a vanilla rooibos tea, which was BEAUTIFUL.


The Ambience
The general set up of the cafe has a real home like feel to it. There's a mixture of tables and comfy sofas and chairs which I love! I went on a Saturday morning, so it was super busy but our food came quickly and we were able to get a good table. Free wifi was available in the cafe, and the background music wasn't too loud. Nothing worse than feeling like you're in a club and shouting over music to hear your friends/ family- definitely none of those vibes at the Real Eating Company!


The Staff
Bev and her team were incredibly friendly, and the service was incredibly quick. I went straight after my WW weigh in, I was starving, so a quick turnaround on breakfast is definitely what I'm about and they certainly delivered. 

It's also interesting that all of the Real Eating Company cafes are dog friendly, and they are currently in the process of making organic dog treats available for dogs! I was going to take my pup, Riley, but unfortunately he had hydrotherapy the morning that we went. I'll definitely be taking him next time though!

Overall, I'd definitely go back for breakfast as the sausages were incredible and the service was friendly and quick! I'd also definitely take Riley, especially when the organic dog treats are available, as he would love them.

Have you tried the Real Eating Company before? What were your thoughts?

I'd love to know!

XOXO Molly

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  1. Fab post Molly! I'll have to take a visit and pop and see you :)

    Emma -


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