The Stable Bournemouth: Cider Tasting Review

Wednesday 19 June 2019

A couple of weeks ago, I headed to The Stable in Bournemouth with Bournemouth Bloggers for an exclusive cider tasting event. We were greeted by the Stable's resident cider guru, Ross, who was to be leading us through the evening. We were given a glass of Rapscallion, which is the Stable's own cider. It was really good!


Before dinner, we were introduced to the cider making process, and it was explained how ciders differ. Ross was very knowledgeable and he was most definitely passionate about his job- which is always lovely to see.


For dinner, we were provided with the most delightful array of foods- the Duck Norris pizza was my favourite! (never would have imagined duck on pizza.... I'd recommend!)


After dinner, we got down to business tasting the cider. The ciders we tasted were all finalists at the Stable's Cider Awards. It was crazy how everyone's opinions differed so wildly... I could be saying 'It's a no from me' and someone else would be saying they absolutely loved it! Not going to lie though, even the 'No's from me' I still drank... none of the ciders were bad- I just preferred the sweeter fruitier ones.


Below, I'll explain my verdict on each one with my overall winner announced at the end.

Cockeyed- Made of 100% Juice and was quite sweet.
Bumblebee- Had a very woody taste to it, and for me it was too 'oak-y'.
Hallets- This had quite a sour quality- I said to Emma next to me that it was properly giving me Cardi B 'Okuuuuuuurt' vibes.
Nightingale- Tasted a bit like a prosecco which is always top in my books.
#5- This one had quite a 'farm' vibe going on. I wasn't a fan- but it was a favourite for some of the other girls!
Dudda's Tun- This was a genuine pleasure to drink. Tasted so fruity and apricot-y.
No 8- Also really lovely and sweet.
Perry- I wasn't the biggest of fan's.
Murmuration- another woody type cider which I've realised, is not my bag.
Gospel Green- this was popped like a prosecco/ champagne.  Although nice, I much prefer a glass of real Champagne or Prosecco!

We also got the chance to experience 'cider throwing' which, I was genuinely appalling at. Some of the others really got the hang of it though!


Overall, my winner was Dudda's Tun.. so much apricot-y amazingness. For someone who wasn't necessarily educated about cider before.. I certainly learned a lot and now know what kind of cider I like!

I had such a lovely evening, and I'd definitely recommend popping along to your nearest Stable to try their lush cider, and even more lush pizzas.

Do you like cider? Have you tried any of the ciders we tried?

I'd love to know! Leave me a message in the comments...

XOXO Molly

PS. This was a complimentary experience, but as usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. OOO this looks fun! I've never heard of cider tastings before but this seems more up my street than wine!

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