The Stable Bournemouth Pizza School: A Review

Tuesday 28 May 2019

I don't know about you, but pizza gives me life. The minute the email pinged in my inbox from Bournemouth Bloggers with the opportunity to go to Pizza School at The Stable, I COULD NOT WAIT! Of course, I emailed straight back and bam, Pizza School was on! I'd actually never been to The Stable previously, so I was excited to find out more...

One Tuesday night, myself and a group of other bloggers from the Bournemouth Blogger community headed over to The Stable to learn all about how they make their pizzas!

We were greeted by the executive chef of The Stable, Patrick, and the southern region head chef, Charlie. FYI, he had a lush Irish accent which made listening even better!


We ran through a general itinerary of how the evening would go, and cracked on! We started learning about how The Stable create their infamous tomato sauce. A lot of love and care went into this process, and although I was shocked at the amount of salt and sugar which went in, we were quickly told it made in excess of 300 pizzas which made the proportions seem a lot better. I picked up a lot of tips and tricks which I can also apply to my own cooking. Next time I cook a spaghetti bolognese, my friends and family aren't going to know what's hit them!

After the tomato sauce run through, we enjoyed some drinks (a nice cool pinot grigio for me!) and some snacks. They had a selection of their sharers out, the Capreolus Charcuterie and Cheese Board and also their Vegan Sharing Board.

Some quick networking, munching and wine drinking later, we were back down to business and Charlie showed us how they create their bases for pizzas daily. It was interesting to see again, the love and care which goes into creating these bases. The yeast process which the bases require was also shown to us, and we got a chance to experience raw 'Jerry' (which is what the Stable have called their yeast as they have to keep it alive!) which was errr, an experience in itself.

Another little break later, and a quick excuse for a top up, we began making our own pizzas! There is definitely an art to topping the pizza nicely. An art, which I did not have down to a tee. Nonetheless, my pizza tasted INSANE and I'd definitely go back for a Stable produced pizza. I had cheese, onion and basil. Bit of a weird combo, but I enjoyed it!

They took a few minutes to cook, and with that, we were tucking in! I loved the evening, and it was great to see that the people who work for The Stable were so passionate about what they do. It was super interesting to find out more about how the pizzas were made, and I feel like there aren't any hidden nasties in The Stable pizzas which is amazing! I'll definitely be going again.

Have you ever been to the Stable? What's your favourite pizza? I'd love to know!

XOXO Molly

PS. Please note, this was a gifted experience in collaboration with Bournemouth Bloggers and The Stable.

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  1. This is so cute! I am a die-hard pizza fan so going to pizza school is at the top of my list!

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