Greyhound Inn, Corfe Castle: A Review

Saturday 7 December 2019

A few weeks ago, Emma, Rachael, Amy and I were invited to try out the Greyhound Inn at Corfe Castle. I'd never been to Corfe Castle prior to this evening but my god, even in the dark and lit up, the ruins are picturesque!

We all met, went in and were greeted by the manager who was very friendly and welcoming. We were shown to our table and give the wine list to peruse... my kind of first course! We settled on a bottle of New Zealand Aroha Bay Sauvignon Blank to share. We then got down to selecting our food.

As usual, I was stuck between two starters but luckily Rachael was on hand to share with me. We chose the Morroccan Lamb Kofta skewers which were served on a chargrilled flatbread with garlic pickle on a super grain salad and one of their special starters, the tempura prawns. I really enjoyed the prawns which were served with a sweet chilli sauce. The batter was light and they weren't overly greasy unlike a lot of tempura dishes. The koftas were nicely spiced and the garlic pickle was out of this world, but unfortunately the koftas were slightly overdone making them quite tough. Sad, because every other element was delicious!

For main, I was SO HAPPY to see bangers and mash on the specials menu, so I opted for this. I have a real obsession with mash at the moment, and let me tell you, this did NOT disappoint! The sausages were good and tasted like they were made from high quality pork. One of the sausages had been kofta-ized (i.e. slightly overdone) but this was only one end of a single sausage (there were three so a fab sized portion!).

This however did not stop me from choosing a little dessert. I chose a scoop of honeycomb hash ice cream which was a perfect ending to the meal.

Overall, despite kofta gate, it was a really good meal. The company was great, the food was good, the wine was fantastic and the views were picturesque! I'd definitely go again as the burgers sounded amazing, as did the buddah bowl. The presentation was incredible and it seemed to be fairly reasonable in terms of price. The service was also excellent, every member of staff was attentive!

Have you ever been to the Greyhound Inn? I'd love to know!

XOXO Molly

PS. The lovely Greyhound Inn provided this meal free of charge but all views and opinions are my own.

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