Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.. How lovely are your branches?! Pines and Needles Tree Review

Wednesday 4 December 2019

In my family we have many Christmas traditions. As my Dad's birthday falls on Christmas Eve, we always have a cheeseboard dinner, for example. We also always watch 'It's A Wonderful Life' as a family, without fail every year (and one of us cries at it, without fail every year- usually me). When Pines and Needles got in touch with an opportunity to apply to review a real Christmas tree, I couldn't reply quick enough!

So, on Sunday, my sister and I went on a Christmas tree retrieval mission!

I had a quick google of the opening hours and was delighted to see that they have long weekend hours, perfect for an early bird like me who works during the week! We set off from Salisbury at about 7.20am and arrived in Boscombe for just after 8am.

We parked up a few streets aways and wandered down to the pop up shop. We knew we wanted a 7ft tree and we also knew we wanted a Nordmann Fir non drop tree. I'd like to note, we knew this through a mixture of google and my Dad's previous years of Christmas tree buying. My sister and I on the otherhand have absolutely zero idea and couldn't tell you a Nordmann Fir from a Fraser Fir. Luckily, the gentleman running the Bournemouth faction of Pines and Needles was super knowledgeable and friendly! He was happy to unwrap and show us the different trees.

For a small shop there were so many trees, it was quite impressive! We selected our perfect Christmas tree and then it was on to wrapping the tree up and sawing off a bit of the base. Apparently this is a practice undertaken to keep the tree fresher for longer.

Within 5 minutes our beautiful tree was wrapped up. The gentleman (I'm the worst with names!) offered to help bring it to the car, but my sister is strong and she threw it over her shoulder and we were on our way! Although, it much be said that fitting a 7ft tree in a small Corsa is no easy feat... I had a little tree friend sat on my shoulder the whole drive home!

Pines and Needles are British Christmas tree specialists with locations all over the south and London and you can even order online (super convenient)! They sell Scottish grown Christmas trees exclusively, which are predominantly Nordmann Fir (famed for being non drop). Prices range from £39.95 for a 3ft Nordmann Fir to £199.95 for a 12ft Nordmann Fir, which I believe to be fairly standard for real Christmas trees.

Our tree is gorgeous, it's bushy, strong and green. We've decorated it with a silver and white theme and we love it. In my opinion, nothing beats a real Christmas tree and I'd certainly purchase from Pines and Needles next year as the customer service was great and we've got a high quality tree!

Do you have a real Christmas tree? What are your favourite themes for a Christmas tree? I'd love to know!

XOXO Molly

PS. Pines and Needles gifted me this tree, however all opinions and views are my own.

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