A Blow Dry experience with Paige Bloss Hair!

Sunday 16 February 2020

If you've ever read any of my hair posts, you will know, I am loyal to one hairdresser, and one hairdresser only. Paige Bloss (check out her Instagram).

I was delighted when Paige said she'd like to collaborate with me and a couple of other bloggers (Chynna and Emma!) on a blow dry pamper night. So one rainy January evening, we all piled into my car, and I drove us to Legally Blonde in Salisbury, which is where Paige is based.

We arrived absolutely drenched. As ever, Paige was welcoming, took our rain sodden scarves and coats and handed us a glass of prosecco. Annnnd, time to relax and chill. Emma and I sat down for a good chat, whilst Chynna got her hair washed and blow dried. We also devoured some mini cupcakes which were delicious!

Next up, it was Emma's turn in the chair, so Chynna and I had a good chinwag too (common theme: I love to talk). Everyone's hair was turning out gorgeous, so I decided to take my before shot (don't laugh at my Trunch look)...

Then, it was my turn! We headed over to the basins where Paige washed my hair, massaged my scalp and used products which would maintain my grey toned blonde hair (hellooo purple shampoo!). Paige then dried my hair and styled it straight (I prefer having straight hair!). She left my hair silky, smooth and beautiful. Is it just me, or is it near impossible to recreate a hairdressers finish?!

One thing that always strikes me about Paige, is that she always knows what products are best for your hair type, and whether certain hair colours/ styles will suit you. She's also always professional, but so easy to just chat away to. It's not like going to a hair salon, it's like going to see a friend!

I've been going to Paige for my hair since I was 19 (nearly 8 years...!), and honestly, I do think she works wonders to my hair. She's been there through the extensions phase, through the me not wanting to cut my hair phase, the me wanting to sack off blonde and go brunette phase, the fringe phase, the wanting a fringe again but swiftly talking me out of it phase (I owe you for that one Paige!).

If you're ever in Salisbury and or based in Salisbury, I cannot recommend Paige enough. If you'd like to visit Paige at the Legally Blonde salon, used code HAIRGOALS10 to get £10 off any service with Paige. Go on, treat yourself! You know you want to!

Thanks so much for having us Paige!

XOXO Molly

PS. Our wash and blow dries were provided free of charge, however, all thoughts/ opinions/ images are my own.

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