Au Revior January!

Wednesday 5 February 2020

It is finally February. Can you Adam and Eve it!? And I didn’t actually post in January. Not that I didn’t mean to, January was approximately 502 days long so I definitely had time.. I’ve just felt thoroughly meh and demotivated.

I thought 2020 would be a good chance to have a fresh start. Has it? Nope. Same old shit.

I’ve always said I’d be transparent on my blog, and therefore I’m telling you now, I’ve been tired, grumpy and fully cba with the whole of January.

Some good things happened in January, my Dad retired, my sister turned 22 and I did have some collaborations- with Bill’s to try out their Veganuary menu (check out my insta post here) and I collaborated with my hairdresser Paige (post to come!). So not all doom and gloom...

I have big plans with my blog and social media, I’ve been planning and plotting for a while, so fingers crossed, you’ll all enjoy the little changes I’ll be making!

I’m officially out of my funk and ready to embrace 2020. Onwards and upwards, come on February... let’s be having you!

How have you found January? Has it been as shit for you? 
I’d love to know I’m not the only one!

XOXO Molly

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