Burhope Farm Campsite

Tuesday 26 July 2022

A couple of weekends ago we stayed at Burhope Farm campsite, in Orcop, Herefordshire. We were looking for a quick, low cost and chilled weekend vibe, so we hopped onto Pitch Up and booked. Find my full review of the campsite below:


- Great, super clean facilities including super hot water. The facilities seemed super new and cleaning products were provided for you to clean up after yourself. 

- Quiet and Peaceful. This was really important to me, a lovely and chilled experience.

- Adults only. As someone who doesn't have children, it was nice to be in an environment without children. I'm not against staying at campsites that allow children at all, I just wanted a chilled camping experience this time round. It did mean that the demographic of our fellow campers was older, but that didn't change our experience at all.

- Friendly Owner. Pip was really lovely and accommodating for any requests we had. We needed Wifi so she explained how to connect and also pointed out the best place for us to set up camp to access the Wifi, we also bought some logs off of her and rented a fire pit. She was also really lovely when I mentioned my dog, Riley, had been put to sleep too. I'd return just for Pip!

- Can park next to pitch. This is a must for me as we have a LOT of camping gear. We don't travel light and lugging all of our stuff from a designated car park is not the one, so it was fantastic 

- Electric security gates. This was a great added extra and I felt really safe leaving our stuff on site.

- Well priced. We spent £16 a night, which is really good. For an electric grass pitch it is £20. In my opinion, taking into account the facilities provided, it is really worth the money.

- Wifi. Available at a small extra cost, the Wifi worked really well and was a godsend for me as I didn't have any signal... and I hate to admit it, but your girl couldn't miss an episode of Love Island and it allowed me to watch!

- Ground is good for tent pitching. We've been to a couple of campsites which have had super hard ground or really stony ground. The ground at Burhope was perfect and the pegs went in easily.

- Great views and overlooking a pond, which means idyllic views wherever you are on site.



- Facilities are are 2 min walk uphill and whilst strictly this is not really a con, it was hard to navigate in the dark! Especially as you have to walk past the electrical hook up pitches and they are a potential trip hazard - just remember a torch and you'll be fine.

- No designated mown pitches - not really an issue but it meant that you could end up camped super close to another camper. Obviously common sense comes in and you try and space yourself out but there were only a couple of trees for shade & one side of the field is better for wifi.

- Not much shade for grassy pitches, as mentioned above, there are only a couple of trees for shade and although it's not really a problem in England with our weather, we happened to go on the heatwave weekend. We got there early and pitched our tent amongst the trees!

- Near a pond, you'll note this is also on the pro's, but it also meant there were a fair few mozzy's about but nothing a citronella candle wouldn't fix!


I loved our stay at Burhope Farm campsite and would definitely return. I would however go for an electrical hook up pitch next time and remember a torch & a citronella candle!

Overall, I award Burhope Farm campsite, 4 tents out of 5.

Tent with solid fillTent with solid fillTent with solid fillTent with solid fillTent outline

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