Bramble Meadows Camping

Saturday 30 July 2022


Way back in May we decided to book a quick camping trip for my birthday. We decided Devon would be a good location so we hopped onto Pitch Up (our fave site to find campsites on) and settled on Bramble Meadows Camping. Find my full review of the campsite below:


- A real back to basics campsite. Bramble Meadows is what it says it says it is. It is a proper back to basics campsite, surrounded by beautiful wildlife and nature. It has patchy phone signal and no wifi so you really can embrace the camping experience and focus on those you have gone camping with. Such a wonderful way to digitally detox and shut off from the world.

- Friendly knowledgeable owner. Louise was really lovely and gave us some great suggestions on places to go. The Union Inn in Denbury is a lovely little local pub!

- Location & proximity to attractions. We loved that Bramble Meadows was somewhat isolated, we had some stunning views on our way in but it was close enough to Newton Abbott to see some of the sites that Devon has to offer. We loved Stover County Park, Buckfast Abbey and also Canonteign Falls.

- Eco Campsite. I loved that it was an eco campsite and therefore had minimal impact on the environment and is a Greener Camping Club site.

- Hot showers are a must for me, and Bramble Meadows didn't disappoint in this respect! The showers were warm and you didn't feel like you were showering outside.

- Check out was at 12. This gave us plenty of time to get our bits together, pack down and also have a lie in!



- Eco loo! I loved that the campsite was eco friendly but I couldn't get on board with the eco loo. I didn't mind throwing wood shavings over 'solid deposits' but it was the separator for me. Total overshare, and I don't know if I just have shit aim (pardon the pun) but aiming 'solid deposits' really far back just didn't feel natural to me.

- Price. Don't get me wrong £25 a night isn't bad at all but there is only one loo and one shower and if they were at max capacity (4 pitches) it may lead to people having to wait for a long time. The loo also got very full with just two pitches full over the weekend. We have stayed at cheaper places in similar locations with better facilities which is what makes the price here a con. That being said, £25 a night is a very small price to pay to get back to basics and focus on something other than your phone!


I loved that we could completely disconnect from the outside world with the no Wifi & patchy phone signal, and the location was fab but I perhaps wouldn't return to camping due to the toilet situation. But, I'd definitely be up for exploring their Shepherd's Huts!

Overall, I award Bramble Meadows Camping, 3 tents out of 5.

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