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Wednesday 1 May 2019

My LA weave to be precise. Recently, I took the plunge, went for a consultation to get hair extensions and then had them put in. I've dabbled in the past with clip ins- but I've always longed (pardon the pun!) for longer, fuller and thicker hair.

I did my research and off I went to see Molly at The Hair Extension Cave in Salisbury. She had a look at my hair and explained due to my hair type, I'm pretty much able to have any kind of hair extensions. She recommended the LA weave which essentially is nano-rings which crossover, and then the weave is sewn to these nano-rings (I'm fairly sure that's a terrible explanation so please comment if you want further clarification!). Molly matched me up with a colour and we decided on a length of  22"-24". Hair to the max.

I'm going to share my experience and thoughts, both pre-weave installation and post-weave installation. I've now had my weave in for just shy of a month so I'll also comment on my maintenance thoughts.

Before (also pre-dye)

Thoughts: Major roots, rat tail consistency and really thin at the ends. However, I did like the length colour so I kept that. As mentioned before, I wanted longer and thicker hair.

After (post dye and LA weave)


Thoughts: Objectives achieved. Paige at Legally Blonde did wonders with my roots. She blended the colour fabulously (like she always does!) (left picture) and the extensions matched beautifully and I have longer and thicker hair (right picture). IN LOVE. It took 2 hours to colour my hair, and 2 hours to pop the extensions in.

For the first few days, I experienced some slight discomfort as I got used to the tightness of the bonds and the weight of the extra hair. Now though, I would feel naked without the extra hair! I can do a proper hair flick *insert hair flick emoji here*.

Maintenance Thoughts: In terms of day to day maintenance, no one can prepare you for the weight of your hair with extensions when wet. I washed my hair in the shower and was like WOW. It also is no longer possible for me to wash and go either, it takes me a good hour to dry my hair which works out well as I can only wash my hair twice a week. I also have to sleep with my hair in a plait- which means I wake up very Elsa-esque and have cute curls through the day if I don't bother to straighten. However, it is worth it because I finally have the hair I want.

In terms of maintenance for the bonds, every 3ish months I need to go in and get the bonds moved up and the weave re-sewn in. Which actually isn't too much effort!

Overall, I'm so so so pleased with the results and it's definitely given me more confidence in myself (which is stupid to say as it's just some hair sewn to my head) but the lack of volume always knocked my self-confidence previously.

Have you got hair extensions? Have you had an LA weave? I'd love to hear from you!

XOXO Molly

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