Tasty Tapas Pop Up Review

Monday 29 April 2019

At our local artisanal bakery, Henderson's Bakery, we noticed that they were advertising a pop up tapas night run at the bakery run by The Tasty Tapas. You may have noticed that I reviewed another tapas night recently.. that is because I ADORE TAPAS. So naturally, this was immediately of interest to me.

I hopped on google to find out some more information, and came across their website and Facebook page. The premise of the pop up, is a few nights a month, the Tasty Tapas will run a few evenings of Tapas at Henderson's Bakery, and the tapas is made with locally sourced ingredients (well, as much as possible!). I booked my family and I in on a Thursday evening and we couldn't wait for it to come around!

Suddenly the day was upon us and we finally got to see what the buzz was all about! We arrived at 6.45pm and were naturally the first ones there (I'm a keen bean with timings). The family who run it are absolutely lovely and they're definitely a natural asset to the entire experience!

We ordered quite a few rounds of Tapas, as like me, my whole family are Tapas fiends.

We started with bread (from Henderson's of course!) and olives. We also ordered a bottle of red, and the night began! We were also served a cheese stuffed courgette, which was insane. The flavours packed into it were truly delicious!


Up next was Albondigas, Prawns Pil Pil (which was one the specials), Patatas Bravas and Garlic Mushrooms. The albondigas had such an intense meaty flavour paired with a tasty sauce. I'm a massive fan of Prawns Pil Pil (Garlic and Chilli Prawns), and these did not disappoint. The garlicy oil was perfect for dipping bread into. Not going to lie, we must have stunk of garlic. Big garlic lovers in my family.

The patatas bravas were perfectly crispy and again, served with a tomato based sauce to compliment the dish. I'm not the biggest mushroom fan, so although I only tried one mushroom, my family assured me that they were to die for.


After a little break, onto the next round we went. We ordered basque lamb stew (another one of the specials), chorizo in red wine, Pollo al Ajillo and Tumbet.

I really enjoyed the chorizo which was locally sourced from the new forest. It had a fabulous texture, it was really succulent! The tumbet was also to die for- this is a cold moussaka type vegetable dish which quite frankly, I could eat it all day long. This was also highly recommend by the lady who served us! The lamb stew had a great flavour and the meat just fell apart which is 100% what you want! The pollo al ajillo (chicken wings), also had an enjoyable flavour.


And if that wasn't enough, we then ordered another bottle of red and a third round. This time we had the pork belly (which was the highlight of the meal!), croquettes and broad beans with ham.

The pork belly was delightfully crispy, and I don't usually eat pork belly, and even I enjoyed it. The rest of my family also really loved it and thought it was the highlight of the meal. The croquettes were also really crispy, but soft and cheesy inside. Just what you want! Mmm, I could eat those all day long too!

The broad beans with ham were a spur of the moment choice. We were really impressed with them!

There was some fantastic Spanish music playing which enhanced the experience and all three nights in April were fully booked- which in itself is a testament to the success of these nights!

Overall I'd recommend a visit to one of the Tasty Tapas pop up nights at Henderson's. Keep your eyes peeled on their Facebook page for the next available dates!

Have you experienced the Tasty Tapas? I'd love to know!

XOXO Molly

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