The Salisbury Orangery Review

Tuesday 2 August 2022


Sundays are made for brunch right? I took Matt to meet the family a few months ago, and my sister, Matt and I decided to head to The Salisbury Orangery on the Sunday for brunch.

I'd not been before, but heard loads of amazing things, so off we went. We got there at 10.20am and they only had one table for two left, but they asked if we'd be okay with a pulled up chair and we agreed. One thing I would mention is that the Salisbury Orangery do not take bookings, so it's first come first serve, so if you do want one of their nice comfy booths, I'd get there for opening. The table was a little cramped but I'm glad they accommodated us. The decor was lovely, and I liked the greenery under the tabletops.

We were served quickly and our waitress was really lovely. I ordered an apple juice, Ella ordered a mocha and Matt had a latte. All were really delicious. The hot drinks were as hot as you'd expect and I loved my apple juice. We originally only had two water glasses on our table, but I asked for an additional glass and it was quickly brought over.

Now onto the main event, the food! I had the Crushed Avocado on Toast (pictured above), classic me. The avocado on toast was also served with refried beans, poached eggs, chilli and vine tomatoes. So firstly, the dish was INSANE. It also was so aesthetically pleasing, with the edible flowers on top. The serving of avocado was so generous - I don't think I've ever been served so much avo in a restaurant in my life! All the flavours melded together so well, and I loved the addition of the balsamic glaze. I will admit though, I did fall foul to the toasted sourdough curse, and the bread was a litttttttle tough to cut.

Matt had the Full Orangery, which is a generous helping of bacon, sausage, eggs, black pudding, patatas bravas, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and toast. Ella had the Full Vegan Orangery which is, vegan sausages, mushrooms, patatas bravas, tomatoes, harissa beans and chilli avocado toast. Both of them said that they really enjoyed their breakfasts and that they felt the ingredients were of a really high quality. Matt gave me a bit of his sausage (wahey! Not like that), and it was really tasty.

Prices were mid-range for brunch. Matt's Full Orangery topped the prices at £12, Ella's Full Vegan Orangery came to £11 and my Crushed Avo on Toast came in at least expensive at £9.75.

Overall, I'd really recommend going to the Salisbury Orangery if you're ever in Salisbury, or if you happen to be in the idyllic Winchester, you could always pop into their flagship location.


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