I've Moved to Bournemouth!

Saturday 27 April 2019

A bit of a life update from me for this post... I've moved to Bournemouth! I've been living here for just over a month now so I thought I'd show you what I've done with my room and my first impressions!

Impressions of Bournemouth

Bournemouth is a lovely town, and has so much going on! I've moved from Salisbury which is classed as a city but my god there are literally a fifth of the amenities there are in Bournemouth.

I must say, when I first moved, I definitely took full advantage of Deliveroo and was AMAZED at the selection of restaurants on there. I didn't have any restaurants deliver to me in Salisbury, so this of course was a massive plus.

I've joined the local PureGym and there's a sunbed shop literally right round the corner. Found everything I need! As Salisbury is so close, I'm still going there for eyebrows, eyelashes, nails and hair appointments. I'll forever go to Legally Blondes as Paige does my hair incredibly, but any suggestions on nails, eyebrows and eyelashes please hit a gal up!

I also love being in Bournemouth because I can actually attend Bournemouth Blogger events! So far I've been to two, a trip to Revolution where we sampled cocktails and food (post to come) and the relaunch of the Terrace at Christchurch Harbour Hotel. It's been so lovely to meet some other bloggers as the blogging community in Salisbury is certainly lacking. 

My Room

I'm currently renting a room from a lady I found on SpareRoom, the house is clean and the people living there are friendly. My room is mostly bed (I have a super king bed) but that doesn't bother me since I just chill and watch Netflix most evenings and it's super comfy.

I went with a grey/ white aesthetic as I figured, if I move, I can apply that to most rooms. Also existing furniture (desk and curtains) were also of a grey/ white type theme.


I, of course, have added some fairy lights and my Boots vanity mirror for my make up. Although I have a lovely big window, in the evenings/ mornings it's quite dark so these brighten up the room and also make it feel a little more homely. I also have a grey faux fur gilet which would ordinarily be in the wardrobe but it fits in with the room SO well, it's a permanent feature on the back door along with Michael (my MK handbag... and yes, I've named him Michael in an oh so original fashion).


As I said before, my room is mostly bed so I couldn't not include a picture of it. I've got white sheets, a grey undersheet and I've accessorised with the fluffiest cushions I could find and a marl grey throw. It's so cosy although no one prepared me for the absolute EFFORT it takes to change the sheets/ make the bed in the morning. Most days I throw myself across it just to get the duvet into the corner. I like making a little bed fort in the evenings whilst I binge watch Netflix/ Amazon Prime, so it's my own fault really.

I do have a little white desk in the corner which is where my TV and Vanity mirror stand. To break up the white (and to cover the scuffs left on the chair by the previous tenant), I have another marl grey throw (noticing a pattern yet? hahaha!) and a crushed velvet cushion. I'm not a huge fan of crushed velvet, but this worked with my room so I went with it.

On the lust list now is one of those HUGE snuggly knit throws... but that's for another day!

So that's my little room and first impressions of Bournemouth. I'd love to know what you think of my room and any suggestions on places to go in Bournemouth!

XOXO Molly

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  1. I completely agree! I love having fairy lights everywhere - they can just make any room or anywhere look cosy. I hope you're settling into Bournemouth well xx

    www.lilyroserichards.com | @bloglilyrose


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