Lace and Favour Occasion Shoes: A Review

Friday 26 April 2019

A slightly different post from me today... I don't usually post about fashion or accessories as I'm one of those people who kind of wear mainstream fashion and never anything too *out there* so don't feel like I could contribute much to the fashion world... 

HOWEVER, I was offered the chance to review Lace and Favour, a bridal/ special events company. They mainly sell wedding hair accessories, veils and shoes. Having had a browse online at their range, they definitely had me intrigued. All the shoes were so so pretty and looked to be of good quality.

I've been on the look out for some decent size heeled shoes which are slightly fancier than the shoes I'd usually go for, for my graduation (which, by the way, is FINALLY, in July!!).

So, I ordered some of their shoes to test out! I ordered the 'Perfect Bridal May Black Crushed Velvet Pointed Court Shoes', I loved them so much I wanted to order the Berry aswell!


I placed my order and a few days later, the prettiest parcel arrived. The box was gorgeous in itself (something I will be retaining to keep knick knacks in). I was so excited but I carefully opened the shoe box to find the most stunning pair of crushed velvet heels.

I'm not a crushed velvet fan usually but because my gown is black aswell, I didn't want my shoes to blend in TOO much, so a crushed velvet should offset the gown nicely!

Having tried them on and gone for a couple of test walks, I can confirm, they are super comfy and the heel isn't too high (bonus for me as I cannot for the life of me walk in heels!). The design is classic and simple but they are stunning and I can't wait to wear them at my graduation!

Have you ordered from Lace and Favour before? What were your thoughts?

I'd love to know!

XOXO Molly

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