August Netflix Picks

Wednesday 4 September 2019

I know that technicaaaally, this post is coming to you in September, but it was written in August, so, still counts! Most of this months picks are series which have come out with new episodes, but it's what I've mostly been watching! As usual, I'll share my recent watches and my thoughts without giving any spoilers...

Suits- Season 9
I got into Suits at the beginning of last year and binge watched the entire thing, and loved it. I still miss Mike and Rachel... but yanno.. Meghan Markle decided she fancied becoming a princess and all, so that was the end of that. I don't think Suits has recovered from the loss of them, I wasn't overly fussed with Season 8, but Season 9 is this final season, and I'm not a quitter! I would still recommend watching it, but having had the royal wedding splashed all over the papers, you know you've already been dealt a spoiler alert..

Orange is The New Black
Another final season. Aaaaaah. I love OITNB. Another TV programme that I was late to the party on, but my sisters raved about it. I loved this season, I laughed and cried along through the season, and I personally think the way they dealt with this being the final season was fantastic.

Queer Eye- Season 4
In the words of JVN, YAAAAAS QUEEN. I am queer eye obsessed. If you read my March Netflix Picks, you'll know it also featured there. This time round, my favourite episode was 'Soldier Returns Home'.

Have you watched any of these this month? I'd love to know!

XOXO Molly

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