Bayley Lane Kitchen, Coventry: A Review

Sunday 8 September 2019

As some of you may or may not know, I went to Coventry for the August bank holiday weekend with the girls. I'm a proper keeno, and I like to research good restaurants to go to wherever I go- whether it's abroad or in the UK.

So, before our Coventry trip, I had a google of nice restaurants in Coventry and Bayley Lane Kitchen came up top. I booked a table for us online and that was that.

When we arrived at 7, there was only one other table taken, usually something which gives off warning bells, however, when we left at about 10, the atmosphere was electric and most tables were full!

The restaurant itself was well decorated, clean and had some flairs of style to it.

We sat down and were given our menus, including the specials menu. Just a quick side note, ur waiters and waitresses were ever so lovely, giving us tips on the best places for cocktails afterwards and just generally good service.

We ordered our drinks, an espresso martini and a bottle of wine for two, and got down to business- choosing our food!

The moment I saw Burrata on the specials menu as a starter I instantly knew I'd be choosing that. For anyone who doesn't know me, burrata is my favourite starter in the entire world. I could eat it all day, everyday. It's essentially a ball of mozzarella with a gooey soft inside. DIVINE. For main, I chose the Salmon, which is unlike me, but I fancied changing it up a little.

Kerry chose the marinated aubergine for starter, and lamb rump for main. Liv chose the Duk Suk Sung for started, and the caesars tower burger for main.


I was super impressed with all the food. The burrata (obviously) was my favourite. Both Kerry's and Liv's starters were delicious too! My salmon was incredible, well cooked and it was served with chantenay carrots, broccoli, sautéed new potatoes and the piece de la resistance, a curried cauliflower puree.

Kerry enjoyed her lamb rump, and Liv enjoyed her burger. The portions were well sized, and I couldn't fit in a dessert- although they did look delicious!

All the food was really well priced I thought, starters range from £3.95 - £6.95 and mains are well priced too, my salmon was £14.95. In terms of drinks, cocktails were £7.95 each, however, I thought the wine was particularly well priced. Mine and Liv's bottle was £15.95 which for restaurant bottles is a very decent price!

I'd definitely recommend Bayley Lane Kitchen to anyone who is visiting Coventry. The food is really delicious, it's well priced, the service were received was great and has a great vibe.

Have you been to Bayley Lane Kitchen? I'd love to know what you thought!

XOXO Molly

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