Vesuvio, Alum Chine: A Review

Sunday 29 September 2019

I'm fairly new to Bournemouth (well, going on six months now!), but Vesuvio was one of the first restaurants I visited in the area. I went there for the first time for a leaving do for one of my ex housemates, but I have returned, countless times.

Vesuvio is an Italian restaurant, located right on the beach at Alum Chine. You can be sat there, enjoying a glass of chilled wine, eating delicious pasta and looking out onto the ocean. Amazing. It is the ideal location.

This review is based on a visit with my friend, Danny. He was visiting from Hull, so I decided to show him the south coast in all it's glory.

Drinks ordered and arrived, we sat back and reviewed the menu. At all my previous visits I'd never gone for a starter and always opted for pasta (which by the way- is insane!), so I thought I'd mix it up a little. This visit, I decided to try their namesake pizza, the Vesuvio, and I opted for the burrata to start. If you don't know already, my love for buratta runs deep. IT IS MY RIDE OR DIE STARTER. Danny had the Ndjua (bless you!) and Dolce Latte (a bit like gorgonzola) bruschetta to start, followed by the Vesuvio also.

The burrata was incredibly tasty, and paired with the fresh cherry tomatoes it was a perfect combination (pictured at the top of this post). Danny enjoyed his starter too. Next, onto the Vesuvio pizza. I loved it... and I got all of Danny's olives too! It was quite spicy, so I was glad for my wine to help cool my mouth down. It wasn't a really doughy base either (which I hate), it was nice and thin.

The one thing I would say, is that although the staff are super friendly and make fantastic recommendations, they can be a little slow. We asked for the bill but it took so long, we ended up having to go up to the counter to pay, which isn't necessarily a bad thing as you have to walk that way to exit, but it would've been nice to not have to sit waiting for 15 minutes before making the executive decision to just get up and pay at the counter. Our waitress did apologise though!

I'd 300% go back, and in fact, I already have! I love this place and would recommend.

Have you been to Vesuvio? Are there another Italian places that I should try in Bournemouth? I'd love to know!

XOXO Molly

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