Dancing Moose, Salisbury: A Review on Breakfast

Sunday 13 October 2019

Recently, the Dancing Moose, has opened in Salisbury. Although there's three other branches near me in Bournemouth, I regularly go back to my parents and go brunching. Out of the four weekends in September, I went for brunch three times at the Dancing Moose. I thought I'd review my overall experience, the food and the service!


Food: I've had three different dishes from the Breakfast menu; The B.A.E, the Little English and the Breakfast Hash with added Chorizo. All three used high quality tasting ingredients, and were all suitably sized portions. I think out of all three, my favourite was the Breakfast Hash with added Chorizo. I definitely think the food is great value for money!

Drinks: I recently began drinking coffee, and I must say their iced lattes are so good! They have an extensive soft drink menu. However, I do always browse the cocktail menu... some of them look insane! I really need to go with the girls for drinks!


Service: Each time I've been to the Dancing Moose, each 'Moosketeer' (as they call their waitresses and waiters!) has always been top-notch in their knowledge and recommendations. Service is always quick, efficient and I've never felt disappointed by the service received. 

Overall Experience/ Atmosphere: It is sited in the old Bill's restaurant and the decor is fairly similar to Bills. They've extended the bar and modernised it. They aim for a relaxed, charismatic atmosphere. Each restaurant is locally unique and bonus, they're dog friendly! Overall, I routinely have a great experience at the Dancing Moose and I'd definitely recommend, if you're in the area, taking a visit!

I definitely will be giving the Dancing Moose a go for dinner, as their menu (check it out here) looks INCREDIBLE. Plus, as I said before, the cocktails also look insane!

Have you been to the Dancing Moose? What kind of experience did you have? I'd love to know!

XOXO Molly

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