Do Sleep Mists actually work?!

Sunday 6 October 2019

I don't know about you, but I've seen sleep mists being talked about ALL over social media. I've been sleeping really crappily recently so I figured I had nothing to lose by ordering one.

I did some research and noticed that the This Works deep sleep pillow mist was most popular. I hopped onto ASOS, and low and behold they stocked it. THANK GOD FOR ASOS PREMIER. I ordered it at 9pm, and it was with me by the time I finished work the next day. Winner winner.

I ordered a set, which contained two products. A Stress Less oil which is enriched with lavender and the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow spray which contains lavender, camomile and vetivert (a grass) which is supposed to alleviate stress.

You're supposed to apply the oil to your pulse points to relax and clear you head, and lightly mist your pillow with the spray. So, I did just that.

I'm not sure if it was a placebo effect, but I genuinely had a great nights sleep. I didn't wake up (I usually wake up 3-4 times a night) and I didn't feel groggy when my alarm went off!

I have tried this several times now, and each time I've had a great nights sleep. For now, this definitely works for me! It's rather pricey at £22 (thank god for discount) but for a relaxed sleep, I think it's worth the money.

Have you tried a sleep mist before? Which brands have you tried? I'd love to know!

XOXO Molly

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