Battle of the Mascaras

Wednesday 2 October 2019

So, this post was originally drafted waaaay back in October(ish) time LAST YEAR. I've wanted to write about mascaras for a while, because there are so many options out there with 101 brands promising different things. From "lengthening" to "thickening" to "curling"... (WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?) I just want pretty eyelashes which I can flutter at my will. So, I put SIX mascaras to the test. Personally, I look for a mascara which makes my eyelashes longer, thicker and more defined as I wear a lot of eyeliner and they need to stand out from that. I do think mascara choices can be pretty subjective as not everyone looks for the same end result.

I tried to take actual images of my lashes once done, but without an unattractive under my nostrils kind of situation, I couldn't actually get my mascara to show on camera. Soooo, you'll have to take my word for it. I tested three high end mascaras, and three budget mascaras. The results are in:

High End


Urban Decay Trouble Maker: Okay, I know people rave buuuut I found this one kind of clumpy. It definitely volumised and lengthened but to an extent where it was quite clumpy. With an eyelash brush and some work, it could be my dream mascara but alas I'm lazy and I like to apply and go. Retailing at £19.50, and adding in the eyelash brushes, it works out to be the cheapest 'high end' mascara.

Yves St Laurent Babydoll: Coming in as most expensive, this mascara retails for £26. I like it. It does everything I want it to do, sans clumps. However, the price puts me off a little. Considering there's a budget mascara which is essentially bang on the money (pardon the pun), I'd be reluctant to re-purchase.

Clinique High Impact: This mascara has to be my favourite of all six. Retailing for £20, it's fairly expensive but POW! It does everything I could ask of a mascara. As you can see, I only had a little tester tube. I have now purchased and invested in the full size mascara. It makes my eyelashes longer, thicker and more defined. My eyelashes aren't drowned out by my eyeliner and pow pow pow! This is my winner overall.



Bourjois Volume Reveal: I've used Bourjois as my choice 'drugstore' beauty brand since I was 13. They're Kohl eyeliner pencil will always be my one so I was interested to see how this one fared. My Auntie got me this as a stocking filler at Christmas and I cracked it open to give it a whirl. This retails for £10.99 on Boots. To my surprise, this does practically the same job as the Clinique. It made my lashes sliiiiightly clumpier but other than that, same result. Yes Bourjois! Smashing it!

Wonderland Lash Lengthening Mascara: Sadly, Wonderland appear to have gone out of business, which is sad because I actually really enjoyed using this mascara. It definitely lengthened my eyelashes and gave them definition. Unfortunately, no volumising properties. I can't give you a guesstimate price either, as this was gifted and the website is no more.

Etude House Oh! M' Eye Lash: KOREAN BEAUTY ALERT, I REPEAT KOREAN BEAUTY ALERT. I love Korean Beauty and couldn't wait to give this a try. I actually picked this up whilst in Busan, South Korea so it doesn't retail in the UK, but it's roughly £7. It promises volume and curl. I'd say it curls and lengthens but not so much on the volume front. Sad, but a good mascara for definition.

Verdict: Weirdly, I have a favourite from both high end and budget so I'm calling it as a tie. I love the Clinique High Impact mascara, because I truly think it has a high impact on my lashes and hits all the criterion that I look for. However, Bourjois Volumising Reveal does (very) nearly the same, but at a much smaller price tag (nearly half the price).

Which Mascara is your holy grail? I'd love to know!

XOXO Molly

PS. Please note, some of these products were gifted. All opinions are my own.

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