Camping Essentials You Don't Want to Leave at Home

Friday 5 August 2022

1. A decent tent

This is probably a ridiculously obvious suggestion, but honestly, do not scrimp on your tent. You need something to protect you if you come up against unexpected adverse conditions.

We invested in a Quechua 4 Man tent and it really has protected us and is a good quality tent. We are looking to upgrade though and will probably go with a blackout tent with a living space to stand up in. We will be buying another Quechua though as I properly rate them.

2. A windbreaker

This also sounds like a ridiculous suggestion however, campers are known for their people watching prowess and a windbreaker provides much needed protection from prying eyes.

Other benefits include, shade from the sun and also it's original purpose, to provide a much needed break from the wind.

3. Pegs

Pegs are a vital part of your camping kit. They are sooo useful. Whether it's for pegging out wet towels, or pegging your tent door open, or pegging open food packets, or even fixing something which needs closing, they are vital... Do not forget!

4. A washing up bowl

Easy to collect all your dirty dishes/ cutlery/ pans etc and maneuver over to the washing up area and also a easy place to store stuff in the car. We store all our kitchen equipment in the washing up bowl whilst in transit. 

5. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are perfect for any spillages, bird shit landing on the tent or (if the showers are questionable) a quick festival - esque wash/ freshen up alongside any other surprising quick clean ups. Again, another must for our camping kit.

6. Portable Battery Packs

What kind of blogger would I be if I let my phone die?! If you are opting for a non electrical pitch, portable battery packs are a must to give your phone that juice to keep them going. Don't rely on finding plug points, as these can be far and few between. I recommend the Pebble, which can be bought here.


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