New Lodge Farm Campsite Review

Tuesday 16 August 2022


A couple of weekends ago we stayed at New Lodge Farm, in Bulwick, Northamptonshire. Find my full review of the campsite below:


Great, super clean facilities. Lot's of stand pipes for water, multiple recycle points, flushing loos and hot showers. There was a small issue with the boiler on one of the days of our stay but that was rectified by 10.30am and I found the cooler water really refreshing. Something I found really interesting was that all the hot water and lighting is produced by renewable energy sources.

Quiet and Peaceful. This was really important to me as it was the weekend before my Grandad's funeral and I just wanted a lovely and chilled experience where I could zone out and read my book in peace.

Adults only. I've mentioned previously that sometimes I enjoy staying on an adults only campsite, and for reasons outlined above, I needed some chill time and a quiet atmosphere to reflect in.

Friendly and Insightful Wardens. Both wardens were super friendly, they took turns on shift. They explained the site rules to us well and showed us how to find the electrical hook up etc. It was a lovely friendly campsite.

Can park next to pitch. Always a must for me and we now filter by this when looking for a campsite to book.

Electric security barriers. This was a great safety feature and I felt really safe leaving our stuff on site when going exploring.

Ground is good for tent pitching. We've been to a couple of campsites which have had super hard ground or really stony ground. The ground at New Lodge Farm was perfect and the pegs went in easily despite not having rain for weeks.

On site Farm Shop & Cafe, which means if you can't be bothered to cook you can pop along and grab breakfast or lunch. Or if you're cooking, you can grab some fresh ingredients. They also do Friday night supper club, a takeaway pizza pop up appears on Saturday evenings and roasts on Sunday!

- Electric to all tent pitches - we've recently invested in an electrical hook up and we've realised it's an absolute godsend, so having electric directly on our pitch was fabulous.




- Relatively near a main road and whilst it wasn't exactly noisy noisy, you just got the odd rumble of a lorry every so often. No big deal really! We struggled to think of cons for New Lodge Farm.

No shade for tent pitches, which, like I've said in previous posts, whilst usually not an issue because English weather, it happened to be very sunny the weekend we visited New Lodge Farm. We used our windbreak to fashion a sun shade. 


I absolutely loved our stay at New Lodge Farm campsite and would definitely return. I would return just for their farm shop sausages, they're TDF.

Also, all the pitches are great, but the best pitch by far is Pitch K (nearest the loos!).

Overall, I award New Lodge Farm campsite, 5 tents out of 5 (my first full tent award!!)

Tent with solid fillTent with solid fillTent with solid fillTent with solid fillTent with solid fill

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