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Tuesday 9 August 2022


We decided to take a quick trip to the Jurassic Coast and wanted to visit Lyme Regis, so we hopped onto our fave website to scope out campsites, Pitch Up, and we found Hobby Farm. Find my full review of the campsite below:


- Great Facilities. Once again, another campsite with fab facilities. I rejoiced that this campsite had a proper flushing loo after the great loo-scapade at Bramble Meadows. The showers were hot and had a little built in changing area too. Also, they have a fridge - a massive camping win!

- Place to dispose of rubbish & gas canisters. Although every campsite we've been to have had a proper recycling/ rubbish disposal area, I love the additional touch of a place to get rid of your empty gas canisters.

- Pond setting. I love a lake/ pond. It just feels so serene and adds a fab touch to a campsite Just don't forget your citronella candles!

- Great proximity to Lyme Regis. This was the whole reason we went to the Jurassic coast, and it's a short 16 minute drive from Lyme Regis. We went for an early morning stroll and a lovely lunch on the coast... aswell as paddling our feet in the sea! There are also loads of scenic walks about, we walked the golden cap which was amazing.

- Mown Pitches and lots of shade. I'm a big fan of a mown pitch, it spaces you and your fellow campers out nicely and you don't have people camping on top of you. People were encouraged to pitch around the sides of the field offering much needed shade from the sun (again, we went on a super sunny weekend!) and also a bit of privacy.

- Flexibility. We decided it might be quite nice to head up on a Thursday evening as we both had the Friday off. We contacted Tom (the owner) and asked if we could camp and additional evening and he was totally flexible. We just gave him the money whilst on site.

- Low Cost. At a mere £20 a night, I thought it was totally respectable especially for the facilities provided.



- Logs. Not a major thing, but we really enjoy a campside fire in the evenings to keep us toasty and provide some much required light. It was advertised that logs would be available to buy, but unfortunately there was an issue with supply (absolutely no fault of Tom's!) and this wasn't communicated until I chased my text asking to buy some logs with a call. I'm almost certain the supply issue would have been sorted if you do plan to book Hobby Farm!

- Bottom of the field is a little boggy. It meant that the bottom of our tent was really quite wet when packing down, and we noticed hundreds (ok, maybe 20-50) of tiny frogs hopping round the bottom of our tent. We went early June, so that was in their post hatching phase. If you camped at the top of sides of the field, you'd be fine. Frogs freak me out, hence making the cons list!


I really enjoyed camping at Hobby Farm, and it's proximity to Lyme Regis. We had such a good time!! The only downsides were the frog situation at the end and lack of communication on the logs for the fire. Next time I'd camp at the top of the field or on the left hand side. I also liked that they had the Shepherd Hut option if you wanted something a bit more glam. I'd definitely be up for exploring their Shepherd's Huts!

Overall, I award Hobby Farm Camping, 4 tents out of 5.

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