Camping Lessons We've Learnt

Friday 12 August 2022


1. Parking next your pitch is the one

There's no way in hell that I will be lugging our huge amount of equipment across fields etc. It's not practical. I only look for campsites which allow you to park next to your pitch. Pitch Up has the option to filter your results and you can filter by this requirement.

2. Eco Loos are to be avoided at all costs

If you've not already read about my experience with eco loos. Read about it here. This is all that needs to be said. Period. Me and Eco Loo's are not a match made in heaven!

3. Review your campsite and location before booking - you'll thank yourself

So firstly, check the reviews on the campsite - that will expose grotty facilities, any other flaws and any additional equipment you may need. For example, I recently booked a campsite which said it's based on a hill facing the coast so is particularly windy, therefore I've made a note to remember my windbreaker. Although I would also like to add that I'd take a small pinch of salt with some reviews as the lower rated reviews often are written in anger over one small tiny minute detail or issue.

With regards to location, it's best to research places to go as often when you're camping you're in the middle of nowhere with no wifi and little to no signal. It's best to have a bit of an idea of what you plan to do and a general idea of how to get to places. As a modern day gal who relies on Google Maps, when you have no signal/ wifi, you become a little unstuck quickly.

4. Live by the Packing List

I am an overpacker, and proud. Buuuut, camping leaves no space to be an overpacker, especially if you're travelling in a small Ford Fiesta/ Vauxhall Corsa. So I've learnt to make lists, and live by the lists. Each time we go camping we also re-evaluate the list and for things we've not used we cross them off. I think this streamlines the packing process each time aswell.

5. Citronella Candles are your new bestie

Bugs come with the territory of camping. We all know that! I have a particular penchant for campsites with bodies of water aka Ponds, Lakes etc so mozzies are rife. Don't forget your citronella candles!

6. Arrive in daylight or face the perils of dark tent setting up

There is nothing worse than arriving late at a campsite and fighting the dying sun to try and get your tent up before you can't see 1m ahead of you. There are no street lights camping, it gets SUPER dark. Make sure to arrive with plenty of sunlight time ahead of you, or let the arguments ensue. You could always turn on your car headlights but this isn't very considerate of your fellow campers and you end up fighting shadows!

7. Your meal plan mantra should be quick & easy

There is nothing worse than wanting to create a gourmet meal with 1000 different ingredients/ herbs/ spices on the fly. It takes up room and 9/10 you don't have a fridge to keep food cool. Prep, prep and more prep is key. I'm not saying your food should be flavourless either, it just needs prepping. I tend to put my most complicated meal for when we arrive as I can pre chop/ pre season before we go and just throw it in the pan. For the other days, I go basic, salad, cous cous/ rice and then either burgers/ lamb koftas/ halloumi. We also bought an ingenious toaster pan for our hob which means we can just have some toast for breakfast! You can purchase this on Amazon.


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